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Monday, December 20, 2010


the Christmas rush is here...we have been really busy trying to work, and get all the shopping done.. i still have baking to do with my family, and wonder when I am going to finish my last few gifts to buy.. WHEW!! i AM READY FOR A BREAK.. a restful break with no where to go, no where to be at a certain time..just me and the sweets..enjoying Christmas and each other..

the sad thing for most people is on the is over... but MY Christmas is a 365 days a year thing.. I have Christmas EVERYDAY.. Jesus is the best gift you could ever want, and he just keeps on giving. He never breaks, or doesnt fit.. He never runs out of batteries.. HE has all the power in the world..... He is a gift you never want to return, but a gift you want to give ALWAYS!!! AND THE BEST THING IS ..He is GOD'S GREATEST GIFT, ever show the world.

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