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Sunday, November 2, 2008

fall foilage and voting

all of our trees here in our yard are finally at there peak. it has been very warm.. and it has caused the trees to take there time in turning there bright shades of red, gold, orange, and rust. we have had some much cooler weather this week, and we recieved our first frost this past week. the leaves are beautiful.... just sitting on the porch and looking at the leaves is really beautiful.
chris and i voted this week.we both voted absentee,due to the fact we both will be working on tuesday. this election is very important, and all should go vote..... and if you don' need not to complain about any of it.... no matter who you like ,obama or mccain.we are in deep prayer for our nation... and for all americans this week, that they think before they cast that vote... just remember it does matter who you vote for!!!!!!!!!!

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Lisa said...

The leaves are getting pretty here to. I agree that we all need to be praying about this election. I hope you are doing great. Love ya. Lisa