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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i went hunting

yes, you read that title right!!!! chris persuaded me into going hunting with him saturday morning. i really think he thought that i would say no.... boy did i prove him WRONG..!!!! when he came home saturday morning, i was all dressed in camo.. with hunting license in hand.. that i had just bought friday,lol... we had a great time .... but we did not see a thing except squirrels.... they were busy going back and forth in the trees.... i did make him make a deal with me.. and that was if the BIG ONE showed up, that he wsould let me try to shoot HIM... well, he did not show up:(.... but he was so proud of me for going.. one funny thing that happened was i fell, in the hunting!!!! anyway, when we got finished we went into town to run a few errands, grab some lunch, and come home to get ready for a singing at a local fish camp. chris was playing with a group from church, VINTAGE, and i went with him... we had a great time, and it was just like church in there!!! i will leave you with some pictures that we took hunting... i got some beautiful shots of some pretty leaves. aren't you proud of me for going hunting???? i am definately going again!!!!!


Lisa said...

I think is so cool that you went hunting with your DH. Thats what makes wade and I so close we do everything together, well almost everything lol.Take care. Lisa

Cassidy Lynn (: said...

Sounds fun!!! Love the pics of you bundled up in your camo gear! =)

Love ya,

Kristi said...

That's a cute colage of pictures. I think it's great you went hunting with Brother Chris. It's good for wives to show an interest in what their hubby is doing. It makes them feel like you care.