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Thursday, November 13, 2008

a great day with a friend

today, april and i went for a nice lunch. we have been actually, trying to go to this place for a few months.. it is in a nearby town. it is owned by a mother and daughter...they have good food... we went, not knowing what to expect. when we arrived, everyone thought we were sisters.. april told them we were...
here is some of the scenery outside beside the restaurant. i love the wrought iron furniture. it looks so pretty and fallish.

when we walked in, we saw a group of red hatters. this one was our favorite. she stopped and talked to us, and we got to know her. i loved her outfit, and check out the purse!!! she was so sweet!

it was buffet style. they had salad, soup, beef stroganoff, some kind of chicken, spinach, margarita pie, and a strawberry trifle... it was all wonderful.

this is the outside of the restaurant... it looks like a victorian cottage. we ate and talked with the ladies there. after our lunch, we hit the stores, shopping. we went to sam's, goodwill, michael's, and a jewelry store we like to go to... we had a great time, and i always enjoying spending the day with april.. she is such a blessing, and a very good friend..


Lisa said...

This place is right above my house and I was afraid I wouldnt like it. I loved your pictures and the food looks good.
Hugs. Lisa

Kristi said...

Wow, that restaurant looks so sweet!! I would love to take mom there. You'll have to give me the details on it and maybe I can take her after Christmas.