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Monday, April 21, 2008

weekend happenings

this weekend was a real busy one... on friday, we went to get the rest of our plants for the garden... i was feeling much better than on thursday.. we came back and planted. we finished up around 520 pm.we decided to go to kelly's for supper, which is always great. when we got home, i started feeling really bad so, i took my meds and went to bed. saturday, we had to get up early, we had a community festival going on in our town... a spring fling.. it was neat. they had food, trains, craft vendors , and they had a car show.. we had the old engine 2 in the show... despite the fact, it had been parked in my carport since thursday, i was ready for the car show to be over.we were there from about 83o am until 2pm. at 2pm, i told chris i would see him at home, i was ready for a rest time.when i take this medicene, i have to lay down because it makes me so sleepy. i came home and took a nap. we went out to eat and did a little errands. we had a fun time. sunday, we had a good crowd at church. i was glad to get to go.. we had several church members who for various sickness and surgeries, had not been able to come in a while. some of them got to come sunday for the first time in a long time. it was a real blessing. after church, daddy took us all out for pizza, yum,yum.. and also we had a great time with each other as always... thanks daddy for a great lunch.
today, i been working around the house, tending to my little love nest. today, is our dating anniversary.13 years ago tonight, i went out with my hubby for the first time!!!!he came home this am, after being up all night on a house fire. he took me to breakfast.. it was really sweet.hope ya have a great and beautiful spring day!!


Lisa said...

Sounds like you jad a good weekend and I hope you do get to feeling better. Happy Dating Anniversary!
Take care, Lisa

Nikki said...

Hello Dana. I want to stop by and say hello. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Glad you are feeling better. You mentioned you went to Kelly's to eat. That wouldn't be Kelly's in Blacksburg, SC, would it? I know you said you lived in upstate SC too.

Well, have a great week.



yes, nikki, it is in blacksburg,sc.thanks for visiting the come by anytime..