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Friday, April 18, 2008

i'm feeling better!!

i went to the dr. yesterday, after a long night of up and down, and dizziness.. i figured i better go on, because i had took both pills my mom gave me.. i did not have any more meds... the dr. said i had a mucus plug behind my right ear, that was causing pressure on my ear, and causing my equilibream to be so off balance. she gave me shots, and more mecllizene, and antibiotics... she said by monday, if i was not ''any'' better, then i would have to go for an mri on monday...
i can tell you, that i feel much better, still dizzy and drunk,but not as bad as i was yesterday, but stll not able to do much... the nausea is still there..... it is such a sick feeling..
anyway, i want to thank my mother for taking me to the dr. yesterday. chris offered to miss work to take me, but i did not want him to have to miss work... mother came to my rescue, as always!!!! thnks for taking me to the dr, and to get my meds, and to eat a little lunch, before taking me home.. you are always there, i love ya!!!
also, thanks everyone in bloggerland for praying for me to feel better. your prayers have helped so much... have a blessed day!!, and tgif!!!!!


Lisa said...

I hope you get back to normal soon. Your in my prayers. Love -n- hugs Lisa

Happymama said...

Awww, that was sweet. Your mom is such a great blessing to me. I can imagine she is even more of a blessing to you.