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Sunday, April 27, 2008

busy, busy

saturday and sunday were both busy days..on saturday morning, we had a car show that engine 2 was in ,in our town. it was a big thing. they had a bike ride and car show for''relay for life'', and we went. it was a huge success and there were lots of different vendors there.

on saturday night, we took the youth choir to sing at a church in marion was a great service, and the LORD used the singing. the henson family was there also. they were such a blessing. PREACHER FLETHCHER preached a message on the will of GOD. it was probably one of the best messages i have ever heard on this subject. he used a jigsaw puzzle as an illustration. it was a great message, so great that i think, 2 people got saved. we ate a meal in there fellowship hall after the service. it was late when we got back, but it was worth it.

we had great services both am and pm today... the LORD family and i went to yamato's for lunch together. we had a good time of food and fun. we did not have choir practice, so i came home and took a nap. it came a thunderstorm. it was a good nap.
pray for me this week. i will be working mon-wed. we are leaving thursday, to take our teens to a revival meeting in mufreesboro tn. we are looking forward to that. last year, the LORD saved 10 of our teens at that meeting. it was really something. i am looking forward to seeing how the LORD is going to bless us this year. we are going to be back late saturday. hope ya have a great night and sleep well.

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