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Friday, April 11, 2008

hello spring, goodbye winter???

yesterday was a real wakeup call to us here in the upstate. it really felt like a spring day. it was sunny, warm, the birds were singing, and i saw several butterflies. it was beautiful.. my friend, april, called me at 8:30 am, wanting me to eat lunch....yes, that was my wakeup call. she kills me, she knows i do not wake up that early, but whenever she wants me to go to lunch, she always calls early... i tell her, she needs not, to call me that schedule is not that booked!!!!!!
we had lunch at applebee's, and went to a few shops here in town. she has not been at work in a few weeks, due to a problem with her hip, but she was feeling better. she goes back to the doctor on monday and he is going to decide whether or not when she will be able to return to work.
after we finished shopping, i stopped by my niece's work to visit with her for awhile. we had a great time talking. i really miss her when i don't get to see her. i came home, and really did nothing except sit in my front porch and just enjoy the warmth. i hear by the weekend, it is going to be a real ''cool'' change. they say it is going to feel like winter again..... oh, well, break out the sweaters again, right!!!! chris came home from work and we went to eat supper. we went to big-lots to look at this thing i was saw in their sales paper.... they didn't have it... we came home and watched a little tv. my fav show,''E.R.'', was back on last night after about 3 months.. it was good.. enjoy your friday!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happymama said...

Hey, we used to watch ER way back when it first came on, but we don't watch it anymore.

I showed Harrison who the California Raisins were on YouTube. He just laughed. He thought that was crazy. LOL