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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

wanna-be CASTAWAY?

Looking out over the ocean this morning, i am amazed at the hand of the Lord. How??? HE could create this universe in a short 6 days, is beyond my comprehension. The ocean, how it comes in and out, time after time, amazes me.. How every wave is different, How there is just tons AND  tons of water..How it can be sooo calm, but rough the next day or even hour amazes me!!! How many grains of sand on the shore.. How EVERYTHING SEEMS SO PEACEFUL, TRANQUIL.... the Lord CREATED THIS ALL!!!  I often wander what it would be like to be on a deserted island..ALL BY YOURSELF.. you would be a castaway.. NO ONE WOULD KNOW WHERE YOU WERE. some would think this would be great.. you would be away from IT ALL!!! i kind of think i would like it.. It makes you  think.. what items would/ could you bring?? what would you do for food?? i mean, coconuts, and mangos ,and bananas might would get old after a while!!!! your survival skills definately would be put into would need food, shelter, warmth..etc.. In looking at this, I am glad we are not CASTAWAYS with Jesus.. Although, we can be out of the WILL of God, He never cast us away, He still loves us, in spite of it all.

Psalm 9:10 KJV And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, Lord, has not forsaken the that seek thee.

Another thing to ponder is, if no one was there with you, you would still have to survive.. with God's help, He would be there to help handle any situation.. He WOULD send the rain, the food, shelter, warmth.. for survival, according to HIS will.

I can be calm and free from care on ANY shore, since GOD is there. - Jeanne Guyon

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