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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A time and Season


Ecclesiastes 3:!  To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

Is it WINTER IN your life?????????????
i want to start by saying this is mainly for me.. i need to be reminded of all of this today.. blogging is a way for me to VENT my true thoughts, and feelings about the things in my life.. At the same time, I never want to be a hinder on anyone.. I have a heavy burden for something tonight.. the LORD knows ALL about it, and even knows the outcome of it all... I know in HIS perfect Season and time, HIS will, will be done... This is just me journaling... so here :)))

I like to sit by the pool and watch the water, I really like to watch the wind blow through the trees.. This reminds me that Fall IS SOON upon us... we have had a rough, hotttt, summer.. but i do love the summer time. i LOVE the summer fruits and veggies fresh from the garden.. tonight, i picked cayenne pepper, a tomato, and some banana pepper.. by the end of the week, we should be picking green beans, and some cucumbers..yumm!!!  I am amazed how EVEN the way it looks outside, you can ''kind of tell'' the season we are in.. This also puts me in to another  mode.. our spiritual season....

sometimes we go through times in our lives that puts us in different seasons... just saying for example, when I think of WINTER, i think of COLD, DARK, RAINY WEATHER.... BUT then SPRING is just around the corner... hmmmmm... we may be in a winter time in our lives, when everything seems dark, LONELY, AND COLD.. we have NOWHERE TO RUN AND HIDE to get WARM... oh, but we do.. The Lord is there with open arms to welcome us, and provides warmth beyond comprehension... He lets us snuggle up to Him and DEPEND ON Him... this is really amazing!!!  and SPRING is here before we know it.. when i think of spring, i think of light and hope... EVERYTHING NEW.... WOW!! HE knows when to send the winter, but really shows us HIS true WORKS with His handywork of everything NEW AND beautiful... He does all this for us!!! Summer  comes and we can bask in ''HIS light'', knowing we are an example of His beauty..... and He made us, and is helping us through every trial.. We can shine for His good and for His glory.. the HOTTNESS of summer dies down to the coolness and crispness of Fall..and oh, the beauty of this season.. To me, this is probably my FAVORITE SEASON.. it shows us God's beauty of colors.. i love that  Every leaf is DIFFERENT.. and it is.. the colors , red, orange, and yellows.. are bright and broad.. this REMINDS me that He brings different things in our lives to BRIGHTEN our lives... to show us he is in control.. and when we are brought through our trial, a bigger, brighter picture is there, waiting on us to see the beauty of it all.. and His hand through every time and season in our lives..The seasons change, and I am thankful they do.. think of living in COLD, DARK, RAINY conditions FOREVER!!! this is not a season i could be stuck in.. This makes me think that even though winter may be here, ''spiritually'' it will be just short time, and SPRING is here before we know it!!!.thank God HE KNOWS when to change ''our season''!!!!!!  i am thankful for His FAITHFULNESS.. it is certain and very promising through the ''real seasons'' of all the months of the year, but most all, through the ''seasons'' of MY LIFE!!!!

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