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Friday, October 24, 2008

a day for shopping

yesterday, my mother and i took a day to go shopping. we like those days, days where we start out going to one place, and being there over an hour and a half, practically looking wall to wall at everything they have in the store..haha...i was so ready to leave this 1 store!!!!! i was starving..... so, i suggested we leave and go for this time it was going on 1 pm, so, i was hungry...

she wanted to go somewhere she had never been before... and suggested that i suggest a place.....what did she want, what was she in the mood for????? she said ,''just anything'' so, i took her to FIREHOUSE SUBS.... i have been there several times with chris, ya know why,lol.... but she had never been... she LOVED it!!!!! oh, dana, this bread is so soft, and the cheese is melted so good.... okay, so i scored on lunch!!!!!!! we sat there and went through Christmas music for this year's program... she was going through songs and asking me about them and i was helping her try to find them on her ipod..

after lunch, we then drove to the mall... we had a great time looking, and i was trying to get a jumpstart on my Christmas shopping.... i love taking her with me this time of year, because she picks up stuff and looks at it, and says she would not mind having this or that..... she doesn't know she is giving me all kinds of Christmas ideas!!!!!!!!!! we had such a great time and she and i both got some good deals, but i got the best deal, by getting to spend some quality time with her!!!!

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the voice of melody said...

Oh, I so enjoyed reading about your time spent with your mom! Those are the kinds of memories that are the most treasured. Just spending quality time together.

I'm not much of a shopper but I see you are and I thank you on behalf of the economy!

I see you're a Paula Deen fan too. I actually just posted her mini cherry cheesecake recipe today if you haven't tried it yet.

Many sweet blessings!