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Thursday, October 16, 2008

back to the real world

hello folks, we are back from our trip.we arrived back late saturday night. we had a fabulous time, and we got to see and do a variety of things while on vacation. it is now back to the real world, and boy, has it been tough on this gal.... on sunday night/early monday morning, i was awaken by a terrible pain and not so good feeling. i was sick with vomiting, the D word, temperture, you name it.... i would call it ''ship lag'' or just plain dehydrated... i don't know, but i was so weak, i could not make it in to work on monday!!!!!!!

i am feeling much better, just still a little weak, and my stomach still bothers me but not as much. we spent friday morning in daytona at the race track.chris and i did the DAYTONA 500 EXPERIENCE. it was so much fun!!!!!! i have pics i will post soon of it. we grabbed lunch, and drove to savannah to spend the night... we arrived there, got in our room, changed clothes, and headed out for supper. we were starving.... we came back, went for a swim, and finally crashed for the night. we got up the next morning and went shopping, and went to a few places in savannah before heading to home. we had such a wonderful time and i was so excited about this trip.... now, i am just ready for another one!!!!!


Kristi said...

The food pics in the post below looked so yummy! I'm glad you're feeling better.


Nanny said...

Hello Dana,
I am sorry that you have been sick since coming home from vacation. The vomiting is bad enough but the "D" is even worse. Having both make it almost unbearable. Glad you are feeling some what better.
Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoyed it.
I have enjoyed reading your's off and on and now that I am home I will try to visit more often.
Looking forward to rush night Sunday with the teens. I know my grand children are excited. Especially Hannah. She loves doing things like this. She loves you too.
I am blessed to have them this afternoon, tonight and they will leave here in the morning for church visitation and then work with you on rush.
I love you gal and you and Chris are a blessing to me.
Thank you for praying for me and God bless you and Chris.

Lisa said...

Glad your feeling better and I miss you.Have a great weekend. Lisa

The Brown's said...

Hey Dana! I sure do miss seeing you. I am glad you like my little Lily's blog. She is growing- so fast!! I love her so much. She is loads of fun! It looks like you had a great Anniversary vacation! I hope to see you soon. We need to all meet for lunch one day!

Love, Jennifer