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Sunday, May 4, 2008

youth meeting

this is the choir on friday night. they did a great job. they sang with the power of GOD all over them. they were such a blessing, and a help to set the tone for meeting. bro. joe arthur got up and preached on friday night about the ROSE OF SHARON. it was so good, and i will always remember it every time i see a rose from now on... after the service on friday night, we all went to the fellowship hall for a meal. we arrived back in the hotel around 11:40 pm. we all crashed. it was so good to go to sleep. saturday was such a great meeting also. bro. millford biddle got up and preached on some things we need to change, and some we don't. it really spoke to my heart. we heard several other preachers. they were all great. we left tn around 3:00 pm. we arrived home this am around 1:30 am. we all were exausted this morning in church, but the LORD blessed, and we saw several families come forward today. the preacher didn't even get to preach both services today. we had several testimonies of how GOD blessed, and the teens were very excited.i was thinking about a lady the other day. the LORD laid her and her family on my heart. this morning, they all were in church. that was a blessing to me. i am really overwhelmed right now, and the LORD gave me several blessings this weekend. he allowed me and my husband to be in on great meetings where we saw the LORD work in great ways. and we got help together, not to meantion to be in on some great fellowship with some wonderful people from our church.i thank HIM for that.
this is us before the service

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