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Friday, May 9, 2008

she is 81!

i can not believe i have not posted since sunday. we have been extremely busy. i worked monday and tuesday. we were both off together wednesday-friday together. we got some much needed rest and we got some things done around the house. we spent some time this week trying to get the pool open. i did some laundry, and went today to do a little mother's day shopping.i got my mother a hibicous plant and a garden flag for her yard. she is really going to love them both.
we had a birthday party tonight for my grandmaw. she is going to be 81 on sunday. she is excited about her birthday. i took my camera tonight, but did not take one picture, and i do not know why!!!! i was talking to some of my family members, and i guess i just forgot. anyway, i am going to take some this weekend. tommorrow, we are having a cookout at my mother-in -law's.
i want to wish all of you mother's a happy mother's day. there are several of my friends who are mothers, and i wish yall a great day with your children, and i hope your day is bright and happy!!

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Happymama said...

Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes. I'm sure your mother did love her gift. Your grandmother looked beautiful in that yellow dress this morning. She's a character!