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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a restful wednesday

hi, and welcome to hump day. today is wednesday, but it is also rest day also for me. i had to work monday and tuesday. i am off today. my mom called this am and wanted me to go to lunch with her and my sister, but i really did not feel like going. i was really tired. my house really needed my attention, i needed to do laundry, load the dishwasher, and all of the other things, but i did not!! i really just kind of took it easy all day, i did have to go to the store for 1 thing, but was back home in no time.
tommorow, my friend, michelle will be having surgery. please pray for her. she is scared, but i know the LORD is going to bring her through it and HIS will is going to be done.
tonight, we had a good service at church. bro. johnny preached, pastor is in revival. i wish you a great night, and sleep well.


Happymama said...

Hey Chicka, I'm glad you had a relaxing day. With as sick as you've been, your body needed the rest.

Love ya,

Lisa said...

I hope your feeling better and ready for a nice weekend. Love ya. Lisa