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Monday, May 19, 2008

you getta line....

this morning, we decided to take the boat out for some fishing. we both were off today. it was such a beautiful day, we needed to stay at home and get some much needed housework done, but resisted that, and decided those fish needed some.. well..!!!
after a quick bite of breakfast, we traveled to a nearby lake. we fished for about 5 hours. i caught 4, chris caught 1... yes, i won today.:). it was kind of windy at first, but turned out to be a warm, sunny, day.
after fishing, we went for lunch/supper combined. we had ribs and chicken from one of our favorite places, t-bones, on the lake. we always love to eat there. we came home and rushed home because we had bluegrass practice. we have had a busy,fun, and great day.


Nanny said...

Hey Dana,
Great way to spend a day. On that beautiful water. Is that in South Carolina??? It was so beautiful and your fish. All I can say is YEA you go girl. Tell Chris I said good luck the next time. By the way, your house will always be there so don't worry about not doing anything that day.
I really enjoyed the Sigma Banquet Saturday night. It is always good to see God at work through our teens and also with their sponsors.
Love you and will see you Wednesday night.
Mrs. J

Lisa said...

I enjoyed your slide show. It looks like you two had a good day!
Wtg on catching the most fish :)
Love ya, Lisa

The Sisters said...

Hi Dana,
Congrats on catching the most!
Looks like y'all had fun.
Hope you have a wonderful week!