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Saturday, March 8, 2008

super saturday

today was a windy day, and kind of cool. we had the day off. chris went to an appointment early this morning. i dropped him off ,and i went to some of my favorite stores in town. i was going to cvs to get something, but they did not have what i wanted.after picking chris up from his appointment, we ''blew'' in to bojangles for breakfast. we went to walmart to pick up a few things we would need for the week, when i saw someone i knew. i told him it really was not me , he just thought it was, lol... the reason why i say this is because i got straight up this am, threw on some clothes, brushed my hair, and out the door we went. i was without makeup, and really did not feel quite ready for anyone to see me that knew me... lol... so anyway, bro. wayne, the next time you see me i will try to look better, and sorry you had to see me this way!!!

tonight, my grandma,mother, sisters, and i were invited to a fundraiser at my aunt's church. it was a parade of tables. we had lots of fun. our table was in a ''let's play ball'' theme. everything at our table had something to do with baseball. all of my cousins plus my nephew play baseball so they decided to do a baseball theme.
we had baseball diamonds as placemats,baseball handpainted plates,napkin rings, that were actually baseball bracelets,napkins that had baseball bats and balls on them,baseball cards for placecards, and our favors were big league chew bubble gum, peanuts, and sunflower seeds. we had ranch chicken, green beans, hash brown casserole, slaw, bread, and our choice of desserts. it was a very good meal and a nice time of fun and fellowship.
it was a great time for our family to get together. we always like being all together. back row is lorieann, granmaw, angie, mother, and me.. front row is my cousin, amy, aunt diana, and my cousin , pam. we enjoyed parading the tables and we had some great singing, also, some funny entertainment by the ''do right'' family. i have a video of them, and i will try to download it this week.they always show up at any of their events... hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!


Happymama said...

I love the table theme...very cute!


Lisa said...

It looks like you had a fun weekend.Does it not never fail if you try to sneak out with no makeup on that you will always run into someone that knows you everytime. Have a great week. Lisa