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Monday, March 24, 2008

easter weekend

we had a great easter holiday. we enjoyed saturday at a nearby lake. we spent some time on the lake and we enjoyed a meal at a nice restaurant and we went to a park. we had a blast. we went to a new shopping center. it was really cool.

i caught this beautiful view just as the sun was setting.

on easter sunday, we always have an easter parade at church. this is a tradition for us.

this is a beautiful GOD sent angel. this is marigrace. she is my friend, michelle's baby girl. she is so special...
this is me and my sweetie, all dressed up for easter.this is some of my teenage girls that are in my sigma group at church.they look so pretty!!

my sisters, lorieann, angie, and i.

we had a great easter service and a great meal, after church.we had cubed steak/gravy, baked potato, salad, and my mother made homemade biscuits!!!! yum, also,we had peanut butter pie,butterfinger cake, rice krispie treats, and pecan pie for dessert. we had a blast, and it was very nice to be with the family...

my mother, sisters, and nephews and i went to lunch today and went to a nearby mall. we had a great time. also, i made sure we went to roses, lol!!! i posted some more easter pictures on a slideshow. they are in the sidebar to the right. check them out.. hope yall have a great night!!

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