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Monday, March 10, 2008

cheese fries, yum

tonight, my husband met me at outback for supper. whew, you might say, but it is monday! i know , but we usually always share when we go to eat. we love their cheese fries!!!! they were so yum!!!! we shared chicken on the barbie, we were not hungry enough for two entrees. i am about to pop, right!!!!
anyway, yesterday, was a great day at church. we had two great services... i am getting sleepy, and i need to get my clothes dried for work in the am. hope everyone had a great weekend, and is enjoying these spring like temperatures... have a blessed evening!!!!!

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Happymama said...

I've been inside, but the kids had an opportunity to be at the park today. They had a good time. Justin was home sick...BAD head cold.

Glad you had a great dinner with your hubby.