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Thursday, January 24, 2008

very busy and cold

hi everyone , i have been extremly busy with work this week!!! i have not had the time to do much blogging. we have had a tough week. it was my husband's birthday yesterday. he turned 18 x2,lol,lol. i am feeling better, just coughing my head off, and to make matters worse, our furnace went bad on us. so, we are going to have get a new heat/ac furnace. that is terrible, i know, but they don't last forever!!!!i have been cold, but we have gas logs, and a portable heater, so, it will do until we get it fixed.just be thankful, it is not summer yet, right!!! we are going to have a busy weekend. we willl be celebrating chris' birthday sometime saturday, not really sure what we are doing yet... well, i will go, and get some much needed rest. i am ready for a break... blessings, always!!!!

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Lisa said...

Stay Warm Dana,its going to be a cold one tonight.I hope Bro Chris has a very Happy Birthday. Love you muches. Lisa