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Sunday, January 13, 2008


mr. and mrs. johnathan leagon

we had a great weekend!! my cousin, melanie, got married on saturday. she is my double second cousin. we have always been good cuz's and friends. i am very proud for her and her new husband,johnathan. they have really done well for themselves, and also the LORD has really blessed them. the wedding was beautiful and i was really glad to see some of my family that i had not seen in awhile.

she had a beautiful cake

this is one the greatest friends i have ever had!!! her name is gina, and this is her boyfriend, jody. she is also my cousin. we have had some of the best times together, and she has always been there, even my partner in crime,lollol!! we have had MANY laughs, and a WHOLE LOT of tears, but she has always been the same gina through it all. love ya cuz, xoxo!! she hopefully will be the next bride in our family!!!

after the wedding, we had to meet the rest of the family for supper. we love to go to ''THE WOODSHED'', this is a great place, a great steak... very, very, good!! my family loves to eat there. we had a blast, and i just about got sick from laughing so much!!! thanks scott , for a great meal!!!xoxoxo, you're the greatest!!!

we had a great service today. i had to sing a song i never had sang before with the quartet. we also sang two more songs. one song we sang was ''even in the valley", and i was standing there singing i was just overwhelmed of how good GOD really is. whatever we go through, He is still good, and he proves HE is everyday. we wonder if He is really going to bring us through our problem, and then we think, well, He knew the outcome of our problem all along. i was listening to my ipod, while on vacation last week, and had to really control myself from singing, (which i did not like), but chris said i kept getting looks, but i really did not care. i was listening to a song that talks about being not what you are, or what you are going to be, and that GOD only sees the blood, when HE looks at me, and it says the sinner is perfect, even though you cannot see, being glad you are forgiven.i guess youu really just had to hear, but you know sometimes, you hear a song over and over, but sometimes never really LISTEN to the words.... i was so blessed.sorry, that was a rabbit trail, but i was just really blessed by it.... lol!!! how could any person sit on a beach,and watch the waves come in and out, see the neverending sea, and all of the bright sunshine, and all of those grains of sand, and all the beautiful sights and sounds of nature around, and still say THERE IS NO GOD!!!!!! i cannot believe anybody would say such a thing. anyway, the LORD IS GOOD!!!, and is in control, no matter what we are facing. please pray for some specific needs in our church.... we have some friends that are going through some trials right now.... we are praying for them, and wish the best and the LORD'S willl for ALL of them.. have a blessed night!!!


Happymama said...

June looked like a sad mommy yesterday. But I know she's happy for them. I suppose it's very difficult to see that last bird out of the nest.

Glad you had a good time.


Lisa said...

I enjoyed your post and I love you devotion to the Lords work. I love to get a song like that in my heart and just keep singing it in your mind.Love you. Lisa