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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

presidential debate

hello, and welcome to my site today, we are having a blast!! this am we went for breakfast at a place we always visit while @ the beach. we usually eat there for dinner, but we decided to try their breakfast is called sea captain's house. very, very, good!!tomorrow, is the republican presidential debate here. in honor of that, some sandartists from st. louis called ''sandtastic'' is making a mt. rushmore style sand sculpture of the republican nominees. it was really cool to see, and also to watch all these people stop to take pics in awe of what they are looking at. yes, i was one of those people!! this is history!!
this is republican nominee mike huckabee!!

we had a nice afternoon on the beach. it was a little more windy today, chris went fishing this afternoon!! i lounged around the pool and sauna just reading and listening to my ipod.
this was a beautiful sunset this evening.

before leaving for supper tonight, this blimp, sponsored by ron paul, came by our window.

we had a nice supper at a good mexican restaurant, and we went to broadway at the beach to do a little shopping. we had a great evening, just surfing the web, and watching tv.


Lisa said...

The sand sculptures were very nice. There is just something about a sunset or sunrise at the beach.Your pictures are awesome.

Happymama said...

Bruce wants to know..."What are they doin' at the beach?" LOL I think he's jealous. HA!

I love the pic of the sand sculpture. That is amazing.