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Monday, January 7, 2008

new years vacation

hello people, hope ya are doing just great. i am. chris and i both had some time off this week, and we had planned to do some other things, but we ended up visiting aunt myrtle this week.if you dont know who aunt myrtle is dont worry about it. anyway, it was going to be cloudy and real rainy and cool this week in the mountains, and we checked the beach forcast and it was going to be average 75 degrees everyday. it was a whopping 74 today!!!!! awesome... for january!!!we arrived about 1pm today. we just lounged around and went to the pool and lazy river. we went to dinner at damons. i had ribs, of course!! we had a great time.

this is a beautiful view from our hotel.

i caught this beautiful view tonight,as we left the restaurant.

we made a trip to walmart to get some stuff for breakfast and we went to bed. hope ya have a great night.

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Happymama said...

I had to catch up on my blog reading. My computer has been a booger these days. So I'm glad I can get back here and enjoy all the great times you and Chris have. lol Love ya bunches. Stay safe!