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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today is thursday. this week has flown by, or so, it seems. Either way I am thankful. Sometimes, I am not as thankful as I need to be. I take so much for granted.  Everyday blessings, like food, water, clothing, air!!!!! (big one)!! Also, I am thankful for the beautiful spring weather we have had. I am thankful that my garden is growing, and hopefully soon, we will have some pretty vegetables!! I am thankful for pretty flowers growing in my yard, and also for the Big Mama's who have decided to make my ferns their Homes to bear babies., and build their nests,  even though it kind of earks me!!! LOL   I HAVE TO STOP AND THINK, THEY NEED A HOME, JUST LIKE I DO...:))   I think the Lord is patient in waiting for us to say,"thank you, LORD!!''

I think it is His will for us to be thankful. Everything we have could be taken away so quickly, but if it did we could still say thanks.. thanks for protection, guidance, and His Will. I was cleaning today, and I wonder just how 2 people can accumulate so many dirty clothes!!! Then, I stop to think about how many people I see in our town, who look like they are wearing ALL they own!!! It makes me thankful for every piece of laundry I have to wash. :) It is much easier to thank the Lord and and praise Him for all you have, than for what you DON'T have. It makes you more prayerful, and obedient to be in His will. HE blesses us every hour of every day.
Psalm 94:19 KJV Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation.Selah.

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