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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Natural Bridge FUN

 my mama and me
 D day Memorial
 Welcome Center Fire Museum

 wonderful fun!!
 Natural Bridge
 Buddy,(Kristi), and me at Dinner
 Natural BRIDGE hotel
 wax Museum, The Last Supper
 Clinton, and Bush 1
 loved this!!! wonder why???
i just returned from a trip with my mother. we, along with some seniors from my church, and a few other friends , went to Natural Bridge ,Va. we had a fun, action packed three days, but it was a nice, adventerous trip. we went to a wonderful butterfly pavillion, a nice wax museum, one of my favorite places, a safari park, and a cute, quaint TOY museum.. and visited a nearby town for a nice toured carriage ride!!   we were always on the go, but i had a fun time with my mother!!!! We also went to the Dday memorial.. this was a true sight to see, and one that made me proud to be an AMERICAN!! We were very tired when we got home, but i enjoyed it sosoo much, because i had never been there!! i enjoyed the weekend , and spending some time with a great buddy too.. love her. and her mom.. and i LOVE MY MOMMY TOO.. thank you mama for asking me to go! i will cherish our QUALITY TIME TOGETHER!! memories, laughs , and fun times forever!!!!!!!

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