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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I love this time of the year... although the change of season tends to get to me and my sinuses/allergies...ugh... it has been really dry here, and I have suffered all week with a terrible cough and bad sinus drainage... I am getting better day by day but it seems to be getting the best of me.. please pray I feel better soon. He blesses us with so much everyday, we are so undeserving of His goodness..

This morning, hubby and I got up real early, and was among the first in line to vote.. He made me breakfast this morning..It was a real treat.. We voted, and he dropped me back off at home, before leaving to go to work.. I returned back to bed..and slept till he called me at 11:ooam.
I needed that rest sooo bad...
The holidays are fastly approaching...almost time to start putting out all the Christmas stuff..I love it,and I love celebrating the season.. my Sisters, niece, and my mom, hopefully will be having a fun girls saturday..looking forward to that this weekend....not sure what we will get into..

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