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Monday, November 22, 2010

blah, right now as i type this.....i am coughing my head off..... i had this ''crud'' a few weeks ago, and it went away after several bottles of robitussin and mucinex...yesterday, i was around a guy who had a terrible cough, and was sneezing like crazy.... by nitefall last night, i was again, back in this same shape... i went to the doctor today for something else, but while there got treated for an upper respiratory infection.. i got some cough medicine, antibiotics, and a few other things..

i hope to feel better just in time for the big day on thursday..

this year, thanksgiving will be will be our first big holiday without Uncle Vick it is so hard to believe he has been gone for almost five months... i miss him.. i miss his voice when i call my aunt, i miss him greeting me on my grandmother's front porch, as we pull in to her yard on thanksgiving.. i am sure he is going to be having the best thanksgiving Heaven..

i feel kind of blah, right now..just kind of hard to ''feel the hoildays''.. the weather here has been unusually doesn't feel like November... i went on friday to get my hair done, hoping to make myself feel a little better, and we had sigma saturday on saturday, met with some friends on friday for supper, it was fun... i have been dealing with a few personal things, i have had a few disapointments come my way, and i have been sad about some decisions made by a few other people.. but i am giving it to the Lord..He knows what is best..and will give me everything in His time..and will give me the desires I have, according to His will.

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