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Friday, September 17, 2010

my ME time

Personal time is very important.It is a time to be alone and reflect, rest,or regather yourself. It, for me, is a personal time of devotions, prayer time, and a time for writing down thoughts, goals, and personal stuff. It always ends in praise to the Lord for everything He has done!!

I have enjoyed my personal time this week. It has given me time to reflect on what the week's events held, what has or has NOT been accomplished,and what is to come in the next few weeks.

Everyone should have a personal time, away from it all. It can be anywhere. It can be at home in your living room, at your dining room table, on your bed, in a swing in your yard.. I love coffee shops, tea rooms, and book stores..For me, yesterday, it was in my pool.. We still have not closed the pool yet, due to hot days here.. but I know those days will soon be over, so, I choose to take advantage while I still can...LOL.. and I love it...I love fall, but I drag summer out to the very end!!!!! It was a hot, beautiful day, and I wanted to let the sunshine fall, and I could feel it's warmth all around me.. It reminded me of His love for us... The beauty of Him was all around, and it was enjoyable to have it near and dear.

Matthew 11:28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and heavy laiden, and I will give you rest.

take time out for you physically too. Get hair done, nails, geta pedicure..(LOVE THESE) . rest your body..get a massage, give yourself a facial.. take care of your self.

Each day, start by giving it back to Him. He gave it to you to use for His glory.Let Him lead you in every opportunity, option, decision. I like to set personal goals for the week. It doesn't always mean they ALL get accomplished. Some of my personal goals this week included preparing for the new Sigma year, organization of my kitchen, and giving myself some personal attention physically, a mud mask to my face,,lol......During your ''me'' time, write down those goals, prayer requests, and never forget the Praises... that always helps me, because we never can do this enough!!!! WE ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING TO PRAISE HIM FOR.. HE HAS BEEN GOOD TO US!!

always have a grateful attitude. I try to be a good witness, and to ask the LORD to help me at work, home, wherever I may be.

Proverbs 17:22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicene: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

Take some time out this week to have that personal time with God. Allow Him to use you for His honor and glory.

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