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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday

last week was my sister, Lorieann's, birthday.. we had planned on celebrating this past sunday after church for lunch... we did not get to do that.. we have not had any rain here in quite some time... God poured it on us was so much needed and we were so thankful for it..... we did not celebrate sunday because it was so, we will celebrate tonight with a hearty breakfast for supper!!!! yumm.. I can't wait.... my MAMA'S hot biscuits and gravy..... yummo...

it's gonna be delicious....

it seems the cooler, fall weather has arrived....every year when the fair comes to town, we always have a few days of rain..NEVER fails..... but this year, we are definately not complaining..

i have enjoyed some days off from has been great to sleep, and just chill in my pj's all day if I want

Thankful for the rain, and for family to spend time with today...

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Kristi said...

You know you're right about the rain and the fair. I was thinking about it today when I went to drop off some pictures for the exhibit hall. It has rained every year that I've done that and the first night of the fair. That's funny you'd say that.

Hope y'all had a great time celebrating Loriann's birthday. She's a sweetheart.