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Sunday, February 7, 2010

how do you provide??

in today's study, GOD'S beautiful woman provides the best she can for her loved family.she looks for things that will please and enhance her family's,time, and effort are at no cost when it comes to contributing to the ones she loves.she has meals to be put on the table,a home to beautifully decorate, and clothes to be mended.

as GOD'S beautiful women, we can have these things to help us sail on our own adventure, to being this woman. we can be the beautiful woman for HIM.


HAVE A HEART OF LOVE- love what you are doing, because you love HIM, and if you don't have love, you will not want to do nothing.

HAVE A VISION OF LOVELINESS- we appreciate the veauty and the ministry of the lives it touches. we need to surround ourselves with beauty. think of ways to decorate your home. try a new picture, a new vase of flowers, new curtains,or fresh paint..

LOVE YOUR FAMILY- think of them everytime you go shopping, or how you can make things better for them, with food, clothing, and shelter.become a wise shopper. look for the sunday coupons, and save money.

i have been helped with this chapter. it gives you a new spring in your step in providing the best you can for your family, and have this kind of spirit that is beautiful in GOD'S eyes..

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