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Thursday, February 11, 2010

growing older

it is my birthday tommorrow. i can hardly believe it is here again...i am thankful that GOD has let me live another year, and has blessed me with so much this year. i think i have learned a few things this year, and look forward to seeing what HE has in store for me this year. one memory ,i have thought of recently, is a long time ago, when it was your birthday at church, you would go up and put your age, (in money).. in the little church on the front table.everybody would sing happy birthday...i did that for as long as i can remember.. that is a childhood birthday memory...

chris is taking me on a little weekend getaway for my birthday. we will be attending the annual Valentine Banquet on saturday night. then, on sunday, hopefully, we will be celebrating my birthday with the family... i look forward to a weekend of celebrating...

pray for my ankle ,that it will continue to heal !!

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