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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

seasons change

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.. Ecclesiastes 3:1

i love the fall of the year.. i love the sights, smells, and the things that i feel in my heart, especially this time of year. i always try to be thankful, but sometimes, i am not thankful enough.. i take so many things for granted, everyday. i love to see the beautiful array of colors the LORD has given us this year.. and they are right all around us.. we don't even have to go the mountains to see it. this time reminds me also of all of the wonderful family traditions.. things i hold dear to my heart.. like going on our annual thanksgiving morning hayride, going down to the parker house, having a wonderful meal at my grandmas, and our annual thanksgiving praise service at church every year.. we have been blessed so much, and i thank the LORD for HIS blessings on me and CHRIS everyday.. we can't thank HIM enough. He has been so good. i am thankful we have different , to me, is GOD'S WAY of displaying all of HIS beauty to us.. sometimes snow in the winter, beautiful flowers and budding in the spring, beautiful ocean in the summer, and awesome leaves and colors in the fall.. and even though the seasons do change..i am so glad to know my GOD NEVER CHANGES...!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!


Kristi said...

God is so good!! I love your picture collage. I'm looking forward to our Thanksgiving service also!


Nanny said...

Hey Mrs. Dana,
What a wonderful way to describe what is in your heart about what God has given to us.
You are such a blessing and I love what you have done with the pictures. They are so beautiful. No we don't have to go to the mountains, you are correct, it is all around us.
I love you,
Mamma Birt

Helen Ricco said...

Hello Dana,

I was very touched to read your description about nature. And how you perceive it; as being a manifestation of our great Lord. I feel the same & at times it moves me to tears.

It leaves me with feelings of warmth & reassurance when I hear people, saying such things.

God bless you & may you continue your discoveries on this wonderful path.

Helen, from the south of France.