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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

what will i cook??

next week is Thanksgiving.. this year, i will be working:((.. my holidays this year are thanksgiving and Christmas eve.. but i still will be preparing something for our annual feast.., but i am not sure yet, what that will be.. last year, i made deviled eggs and a krispy kreme bread pudding, and boy, was it yummy!!!!! some of my family will not be there this year, they will be out of town, but we will still have a good time, and i am sure they will too..

i look forward to my grandmother's homemade cakes and her homemade biscuits.. they are always a big hit. i really wish i had the day off, but i will join them when i get off at seven..after that, i, along with other family, will hit the malls for some great shopping. i always look forward to that, even if i do not buy anything, just being there in the middle of it, and sharing in all of the excitement, it is really, i am hungry thinking about all of the good food i know we will have!!!!!!

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