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Thursday, October 22, 2009

a beautiful day on the lake

today, chris and i decided to go out on the lake today, and see if he could beat me, fishing today. we went last week, and i left him in the dust.. i caught 8, we lost 2, so, we ended up with 6. i caught them all but 2.. so , today, we wanted to try and see if we could catch that much, if not more.

we were unfortunate.. i caught one small bream, and one catfish..the catfish weighed about 3 pounds. i was a little dissapointed, but i was just glad to be outside today. it was beautiful. it was like an indian summer. the sky was blue,and the clouds were huge.. it was gorgeous..the water was a cool 68 degrees, but the air temperature was 76 degrees.

we left around 5 pm, and went to a nearby resturant for supper.. we love this place, it is right on the water.. our food was good too.. enjoy the fall colors in the pics, along with the beautiful , blue, sky.


Nanny said...

momnpop2Dana & Chris,
I have enjoyed looking at the pictures that you took today. You are right about the trees. The colors are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
I am sorry that you guys had no luck today with your fishing but I know that you guys will go again and probably get more than what you got the other day. Love you both very much.
Mamma Birt

Lisa said...

Love your pretty pictures of the lake Dana. It was so good to get to catch up with you at the ladies meeting.Take care. Love ya. Lisa