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Thursday, February 26, 2009

birthday cake and banquet

we had a joint birthday cookout two weeks ago... i can't believe it has been so long since my last post... i have had so much going on.. anyway, chris and i decided to combine our birthday party this year. we had burgers,hotdogs, and all of the fixins.. thanks scottie for doing the grillin.:))..

my daddy gives us a ''jug'' of money every year for our birthday... i look forward to that!!!! i think that is so special and ya daddy!!!

last weekend, we had our annual banquet at the fire department that chris volunteers at. he was at a training school out of town and could not be there. i asked my mother to go along with me.chris was recieving his TWENTY YEARS OF SERVICE award.. and they wanted me to accept it on his behalf...

i was very proud of him, and was quite upset that he could not be there to accept it himself.. this is tim, the assistant chief, and myself, and josh, the chief, who is also my first cousin!!!


avagdro said...

Thanks MRS.PALM PRETTY ,so yummy cake.Great way to celebrate Birthday.Anyway belated birthday wishes to you.

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Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to both you and Chris. Please give Chris my congratulations on his award.
Hugs. Lisa