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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

welcome to my winter wonderland

the sky was so blue

just as the sun was rising

beautiful in the back yard

the sun peaking through the trees

it looks like a big cotton ball on the lamp post

the cars were covered

this was such a beautiful snow.... i am so glad it did snow . chris and i have been without power since sunday night. we have been staying at my parent's home. it has been fun. drake has been out of school and we have played games and such... my mother has been spoiling us with breakfast and we did have country ham and eggs on monday. yesterday, we felt like we were getting a little ''cabin fever'', so we went over to my sister's house and hungout for a little bit, into town to the grocery store, and for lunch at chick-fil-a... also we had to do a few other things. my sister, angie, and ben went with us..we have had a lot of fun!!!!

1 comment:

Kristi said...

Sometimes, Snow days are fun for adults too, huh? LOL

The picture of the sun rising was really beautiful. Snow makes everything lovely, I think.