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Saturday, February 14, 2009

surprise, a prize for your birthday!!

i love surprises!!!!! my birthday was thursday!!! i had some days off from work this week, and i was so glad!!!! chris came home tuesday and told me he needed to go into town to his work to fill out some paperwork.... he then told me he was going to be off work on wednesday and we were going on a little ''getaway'' for my birthday and valentine's day!!!!!! yea, i love to go on trips and especially surprise ones... so, we got up real early on wednesday, loaded the boat,and headed to the lake.... he rented a lakeside villa right on the water.. we have stayed here before... it has been a few years... anyway, the weather was warm and beautiful...

there are 5 lakeside villas

our villa

it has a screened in back porch overlooking the lake

i sat out here some and read a good book

we went fishing some and there were many boats, including this sailboat, i was a little dissapointed, we did not even have a bite.. we did not catch anything... but we had a good time out on the water...

the back of our villa

it was so quiet and peaceful
, just pure relaxation

the villa has a bedroom upstairs, this is the view from upstairs

me and my sweetie

out on the lake

we went out to eat for my birthday and i went shopping at the mall. i got some cool things for my birthday.. we went friday to eat and went to one of my favorite stores.... barnes and nobles to look at some new books..
i was so happy we got to go, and i loved just getting away for a few days... we had a great time... thanks so much sweets, i love you and happy hearts day!!!!!!!!!!


The Sisters said...

I am so glad you had such a wonderful Birthday. The villa's on the lake look so nice and relaxing. Hugs, Lisa

Kristi said...

That place looks GREAT! I'm not one for boat rides, but I would love to just chill there by the lake. How nice! And what a sweet hubby to think of such a great surprise!

Glad you had fun.