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Friday, December 19, 2008

people are crazy

i know you are probably wondering about this post title.... this morning, i went out to do a few errands.... well, you can really tell people are off of work now, some of the big plants are shutdown for the holidays, and the kids are finally out of school... people were everywhere... including ALL over the,lol.... i was a nervous wreck.... because two different people pulled out in front of me.. and i had to slam on my brakes both times to keep from hitting them...

i called chris and i told him i was going to get what i needed, and i was going back was really getting on my nerves!!!! people were really frantic, running around i guess, getting those last minute gifts.... even the mcdonalds drive thru was wrapped all the way around the building,, and i SO wanted an ice cream cone as a snack, it did not happen.. maybe tommorrow!!!!!!

we have a busy, busy, weekend planned with get-togethers of chris'family. we will be having his family on sunday night in our home for our family Christmas ... it will be interesting to say the
i hope your weekend is filled with many fun things to do and you enjoy some time with your family..


Lisa said...

I agree. It is wild here in Sptbg also.
I hope you have a great Christmas with all your family and your DH.
Love and hugs. Lisa

Kristi said...

LOL, bless your heart. Yes, people are crazy...especially on the roads. It's like they're scared to death someone is going to beat them to the stop light. You know what I mean? *argh*

Hope your family had a wonderful time Sunday night.

Love ya,