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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas with my family

corrie and ethan waiting to open presents
some surprises santa left for me

i just wanted to share some of our Christmas pictures with all of you... i hope everyone had a great Christmas with their family and that you got to spend some time remembering past Christmas',and also, you got to enjoy some great holiday food!!!!! i hope you enjoy these pictures, there are quite a few, so, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy!!!!

have a safe and happy new year!!!!!

this is something that santa brought drake... santa brought it to my house first for me to try out!! it was a cool john deere bike!!

we had Christmas eve at grandma's... here she is smiling for me, but she is definitely not herself.. she has been really sick and not feeing well at all!!

this is all of the great- grandchildren...they are all growing so much!!!!!

my sister, lorieann,and my cousin, amy

this is us having Christmas with my parents and family...

this is corrie and her new boyfriend, jamie... he seems to be a really nice guy..

also, jamie, corrie, ethan, and ben

my aunt betty, she is so funny

look at those smiling faces... they were so happy!! they each got a new apple touch ipod.. very nice!! this was their big present from gran and pawpaw!!

my sweet and crazy daddy

scott and drake

my mother and daddy posing with their other ''daughter'', sophie, she wanted to have her picture made so bad!! also, i wanted to wish my parents, a happy anniversary.. they celebrated their 44 th wedding anniversary on december 26th... happy anniversary, mother and daddy!!

my mother always has a beautiful tree

i always enjoy Christmas.. this year, it seemed to sneak up on me... i felt kind of rushed with everything.. but i always enjoy getting to spend time with family... i love getting presents from my mom and dad... and they always make coming home for Christmas so special. each year, holds a special memory and place in my heart..... thanks mother and daddy for everything!!!


Kristi said...

Wonderful pictures...wonderful post...looks like a great time. I think Christmas snuck up on everyone this year. Where did the time go last year? Maybe this year will be different.


Lisa said...

I love all your Christmas pictures. Sounds like you had a great Holiday. Happy New Year.
Hugs to ya.Lisa

Nanny said...

Hello Dana,
I have enjoyed looking at slides and also reading your post.
I love you so much and yoru family is so special.
I am sorry to hear about M. Jenny not being well. She is such a blessing and never fails to stop and say hello when she is walking by me at church.
I will pray for her.
Thank you for sharing all your photo's with us.
I thought the food looked great on the ship. You both looked like you were having a great time.
Please enjoy the R&R while you are away. They are few and far between.
Larry has been on dialysis since 2003 and we have not been on vacation since he started. We went to PA. on time when the Seniors went to the Amish country but that does not count.
Love you,