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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas with Chris' family

last sunday night, we had Christmas with chris' family. we had it in our home this year, which was a true blessing.. we had party pickups as our foods. we had ham and cheese biscuits, homemade cheese dip and chips, cocktail wieners, pecan pie, cupcakes,sandwiches, and drinks... we had a time of eating and fellowship,'' meaning we had to take pictures....''
all of the presents around the tree

this is randy,niki, and chris
this is chris' brother and sister

this is our niece, chelsea, and our nephews, devin, ethan, scott, and shane

we had a family picture made... our first one with john

my gag gift from john

when john and jan got married, his first christmas with us, i started a tradition of getting him a christmas gag gift every year... i have had lots of fun for the past 3 years buying him gag gifts.. this year was no exception..every year, he claims he has ''outdone me '' on the gift.. NOT!!!!! this year, i bought him a mouse pad that says ''lay your hands on me''...and it is a,lol...
he got me and singing and shaking bull,lol,lol.... i still say i had him on the gift.....don't you???

we had two visitors to join us.. chelsea has a new boyfriend, david... and her mother, niki, has a new boyfriend, shannon... they joined us for the evening, and at the end we made a picture with them..

we had a great christmas with them, and we got some nice gifts!!

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