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Saturday, February 23, 2008

saturday shopping

today, my mother and spent some together. i always love ''our time'' ! why , you may ask?? well, it is time that she and i get to talk about whats going on in our lives, and it is just me and her there. i do wish my sisters could have been there, but then again , it would not be our time, now would it?? lol. anyway, we hit some of our favorite shops, and i had to return something that i had bought on friday. we got some nice things, for practically nothing. we had lunch at a new pizza place in town, the mellow mushroom. it was delicious, and i highly recommend their pizza.thanks mother for a wonderful time and as always thanks for spending time with me, when i need it the most!!!
tonight,i attended the annual awards banquet our fire dept. has every year. we are members there. we enjoyed a nice steak dinner, and had a great ceremony with good fellowship. i enjoyed the nice warm temps today, although, it did not get as sunny here as they thought it would. we are so ready forspring.everything around our house just looks so dead!!! we love to work in the flowers and yard, so we are looking forward to doing that soon!!! have a great sunday!!!


The Sisters said...

Mrs Dana,
It sounds like you had a great weekend!I couldn't help but notice that wonderful looking birthday cake that you had on your "birthday slideshow"! would you please tell me where you got it at? my b-day is coming up soon and I have been looking around for a good cake.



hey holly, my mother usually buys all of our birthday cakes. she usually gets them from bi-lo. that is where she got mine. thanks for the comments, and for visiting my blog. love yall!!! hey, i'm guessing you will be sweet sixteen???

Tori said...

What a great blessing Moms cane be. I'm glad you had a good time.

Hi, I found you through Kristi's blog.
Looking forward to reading more! °Ü°

The Sisters said...

Hi Mrs Dana,
Thanks! You were really close! but this year I will be 17! (:

Have a great day!