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Friday, February 22, 2008

heat finally!!

we finally got our heat pump fixed yesterday, thanks to our friend,ron!!! he did a great job, and we were so glad to get it fixed!! although it had not been working, we were never without heat completely!! praise the LORD for that. we purchased a couple of heaters, so were able to heat with those and the logs. the LORD always comes through!! we have got some much needed rain here, these past few days. it has really been cold, but tommorrow it is supposed to be spring-like. today, chris and i had the day off together. we went to one of our favorite places tonight, moe's. we always love to eat there. i have also downloaded some of the pictures from the valentine banquet, last saturday. they are in a slide show in the side bar on the right. have a blessed weekend!!!


The Sisters said...

Hi Mrs Dana,
Glad you got your heat pump fixed!
This rain we have been having is so nice but we are looking forward to the spring temps!

~Have a great weekend!~


Lisa said...

I know your happy to have your heat fixed. I enjoyed the photos on the slide show. Have a great weekend. Love ya. Lisa