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Friday, February 29, 2008

happy 100 post

today is my 100th post!!!! yea!!! i have enjoyed my time blogging over the past months. it gives me something to do at night when my husband is at work, and i enjoy doing blogging back and forth with my friends. i have learned so much.
we are having a revival this week at church with bro. joe arthur. last night, was a great message. i fixed philly steak sandwiches for dinner yesterday. they were great!!! today, i have to run a few errands again, before going to church again tonight. i hope everyone in bloggerland is doing great!!!!


The Sisters said...

Happy 100th post!!
Hope you have a great weekend!
We are going to try to come tomorrow night!

See ya,Holly &Katie

Happymama said...

Happy 100th post, Dana!! I'm glad you started blogging. I enjoy reading your blog. You're a blessing!


Lisa said...

CONGRATULATIONS! ~Dana~ on your 100th post. It was so good seeng you at church tonight. You look really good. Love ya. Lisa