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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring into CAMPING


TIME TO  spring into camping!!!

the trees are so beautiful, budding out and all, and the flowers too, and the pretty, green grass, but that pollen... it is not so pretty!! it has had me tore up!!, and that devilish purple stuff from the trees hanging..... wisteria... wisteria... it just sounds bad.. it does not like me at all.. but that;s ok.. the feeling is MUTUAL!!!!!!

i have been to the doctor twice in the past week. i have a double ear infection.. i have been on 2 different meds, and they are/have been making me real sick!!! I am feeling a lot better. we had our annual kick off to spring and the camping season this past weekend. we ended up at one of our favorite destinations.we love to go to this place. it is not too far away. we took the camper and the boat. it is so fun fishing with my sweetie!! he gets all excited for me when i catch fish!! and that makes me happy. we had a great time. it was a little cool it rained on thursday night, but we had so much fun, camping, fishing, and eating yummy food, reading, hanging some new organizing things inside the camper. we had some company on friday night. we had my niece and her fiance for a steak dinner.. we had a great time chillaxing with them and started talking about the planning of the wedding soon.. i can't wait for this wedding. it is gonna be so pretty.. it makes me so happy to know she is finally happy!!!

 our company.. we love good company, they came for a yummy steak!!
 the view across the lake on thursday. it was cloudy!!

 the trees at the water's edge.. in full bloom!!

 the green grass at the campground!!

 grilling and chillin
yummy grilled corn, bbq chicken, and rice, bbq bread!! yumm!!

a beautiful sunny, but cool day on the water
love these trees across the lake
I caught a small one..
the water was calm
me and my sweetie
the geese are so pretty
taking a saturday selfie
our dinner dates! yummy steak dinner!
AND I  caught another ONE.. A 2
looking forward to camping this year, and all the fun things we have planned !! we love to make memories with our family!!!

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