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Friday, February 20, 2015


WINTER BLAHS...... yes, I have them..

It seems as if this winter is lasting forever.. we have had some crazy winter weather lately, with a mixture of a little snow, a pinch of sleet, and a good bit of ice for our area. When this happens, our area really goes bizzerk.. we don't know how to make it.. I know the yankees laugh at us, because it is really nothing to them, but alot to us. I am ready for warmer weather.. We have a lot of fun things planned, and some home improvements too all ready to do when warmer weather comes!!!!!!!! Bring it, SPRING!!!!

I had to spend the night at my work on monday night.. that was very interesting to say the least. we had a pretty fun time though.. after I got to sleep finally, it really was not too bad. But I must say , after Tuesday was over with, I was ready to be HOME, TOGETHER with my hubby.  Last week was my birthday. Hubby told me to get ready, he had a special place reserved for our supper. We traveled to Charlotte for the evening. We had a delicious meal at Ruth's Chris steakhouse. It was very good, and the sweet potato casserole was awesome too.. We were both off for Valentine's Day, and had made plans a while back to attend a play. It was a very fun and moving play. The Gospel was presented in a great and unique way. We finished it up with a yummy bbq supper at one of hubby's favorite places, and did a little shopping... We had so much fun just being together..

Family time is important, and being with your friends too is important. We love to get together to celebrate birthdays, or just to hang out to catch up on what's been going on!! I look forward to doing that tonight!!!! We have a youth activity planned saturday.. it is going to be really fun, looking forward to that.
Next week, my sis has another chemo treatment.. Please continue to pray as she goes through with it. I just hope she does not get sick.. The last treatment was so good, it was almost as if she never had one!!! Praise the Lord!! We are so ready for all of them to be over.. We are ready to get away for some TOGETHER time as a FAMILY.!!!    Have fun being TOGETHER with your loved ones, and *LIVE EVERY SECOND*.

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