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Monday, January 12, 2015

NOTICE the little stuff

I am a little tired tonight.. Seems like life has been such a whirlwind over the past few days. We had a week long revival that I so DESPERATELY needed. I got to come 3 out of 5 nights. It was great, and seemed like every message was just right on time. We had a funeral at Church yesterday.. A dear man had been in an out of the hospital for a while, on and off the vent, and just got to where he just could not breathe.. HE is so much better NOW.. safe with his Savior...

Sometimes, little things happen to us. This could be a gesture, and kind thing done by someone for you, a word said to you that was right on time.. THESE things are small things, but are HUGE.. We need to realize they happen for a reason.. It is when God gets our attention by allowing this particular thing to happen, sometimes to show His faithfulness, and for us to TRUST in Him... HE wants us to.. We can fight and try things the way WE want, but in the end, HE has everything in the palm of His hand... It is really foggy tonight... It was a rough ride home. It reminded me of how when we do things our own way, and a cloud of ''I CAN HANDLE THIS ON MY OWN'' hangs over our path.. We push and scramble around to plow through that cloud... Sometimes, it is a DARK, LONELY, CLOUD... but we can push through the cloud, and on the other side is bright, beautiful, AND clear.. CRYSTAL CLEAR.. with God's help, and we trust in Him to handle every situation.
My sis goes Friday for her 3rd and HOPEFULLY FINAL Cancer cell treatment... We are praying that when they do the scan after a few days, they will say that it has helped and she needs NO more.. WE are pushing through the cloud and seeing the bright sunshine... The Lord knows what the outcome of this whole situation is..
So, tonight I am reflecting on the little things.. The SIMPLE , little things that I take for granted..I want to look up to Him and see that the little things that mean so much, look down at the things and people around me that I think are here FOREVER, and they are not, the rain that God has blessed us with today, and look FORWARD to the future of a better tomorrow, and even backward, at what the Lord has done specifically for me today. Right now, I am thinking of SAFETY to and from today!!!!. Some things I had on my mind today, He sends different people along my way, and things they say, or just a simple, ''I am praying for your family.'', means SO MUCH!! It is when you notice the little stuff, and are thankful, and know that God is there sending that ''little stuff'' your way, makes every thing a little better.. One last thought that came across my mind today was IF the many ''little things'' that came to me today, only happen once in my lifetime, would I know them and appreciate them more??????? Some of these could be a smile,a word said, and huge belly laugh, (had one of those today) a kind word of encouragement, a simple talk about a dear coworker's dad who was given only 2 weeks to live as of yesterday........................ The answer is a definite YES!!! Take time out NOW to notice the little stuff !!!

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