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Friday, January 25, 2013

resolutions to keep

It is a cold day here at the simple gift. we are currently having heavy sleet as i type. they are saying it could get worse by night fall. we were planning on celebrating hubby's birthday tonight. now, i am not sure if we are going to be able to do that or not. it is hard to believe that january is almost over...

some people made some serious new year's resolutions. i know of some people who have already ''broke'' those resolutions... i did not have any ''major'' ones.. just a few.. i have been trying to be a little more organized. this is just hard at times... with it just being me and hubby here at our home, i really do NOT understand how 2 people accumulate SO MUCH STUFF!! it is funny, but we do..

i am currently trying to read more.. i am trying to  read my Bible more... Every time i read it, i always get a blessing, something i have never seen before.. i love books.. i love to go to thrift stores. one of the biggest things i look at is books. i am always trying to find great Christian inspiration books, Christian love stories, or just simple books on the home. i bought one the other day, i am reading now. it is by a local author. it has been such a great book , so far. so, i am trying to read at least one book a month. i would love to start a ''book club'' with friends.. my idea would be to pick a book we want to read, read it, and then get together for dinner and discuss it, and what we liked about it... sounds kind of chezzy, i know, but i think it would be REALLY FUN!!!  so, who would be interested???haha

i really want to try to do more for God in 2013. i want to live everyday as if it is my last. i truly want to do His will in my life. I pray that He will use me . these are resolutions that people make every year.. i  think sometimes people make them with good intent, but do they keep them??. i want to ..

we have been doing some things with my grandmaw's home. we have sold it, but it is so hard to get rid of stuff that has been a part of your family for so many years. my hubby and i are working on some" things/ projects'' here with some of her stuff. i can hardly wait !! it is just some fun. ''personal things''. but it is still interesting to me.. :)) some times i think i should have been born in the early 50'

I am excited about some upcoming weddings that we will be having at my church this spring. as you may know, I do wedding planning/directing on the side. I have been helping two couples recently. they have a lot accomplished so far.. it is so fun to hear their ideas  and what they want to do for their special day.. i truly enjoy it.

i am sitting here listening to my husband's radio. they are dispatching to several wrecks in our area. hope every one has a safe and blessed weekend.. Remember to stay warm and snuggly!! lol

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