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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

GREAT expectations

hello everyone!! hope every one has had a wonderful start to their new year. ours has been a rough one so far.. but with God's grace, we are making it. my family and i are trusting God to help us through every trial we have had recently. my husband's two grandmothers both have passed away within two weeks of each other. a dear family member was in the hospital with pneumonia, and we suffered through the loss  of our great nephews/nieces. it is hard to accept some things. we have to remind ourselves that it is all part of a greater picture, one that we can not see, yet. God is in control of every trial we have and will face.

Expectations can overwhelm us at times. What we expect of ourselves, jobs, other friends, God.. We use these for the outcome of our happiness mainly, or what satisfies us at the time. Sometimes, God does not do the things we expected Him to do, like answer a prayer a certain way we wanted Him too, or taking something out of our lives. We tend to blame God. Why God?? Why did you do it this way?? Why not NOW??  Some people make deals with God. ''If you just give me this job, or give me this wife, or meet this need, I will promise to do this!!"  People can help us with these situations. They can be used of God to encourage,pray for us, extend their love and affection, or just be there. My family has experienced this first hand over the past few days/ weeks. It is so wonderful to know that when you are at your darkest hour, you have Godly friends and family lifting you and your situation up in prayer. And the best part of this, is knowing they are not praying for what they know YOU want, but are praying for God's will to be done!!!

I tend to think He is going to use these past few things to definitely bring Honor to Him. Someone in our family is going to be helped or rescued through this. I am trusting Him and praying for this outcome. I have to be reminded to rely on the Lord. I am relying on Him to give us what we need, when we need it, rather than what we expect Him to do.

PSALM 84:11-12 For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord will give grace and glory; no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly. OLord of hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in thee.

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