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Monday, September 3, 2012

Adventure Fun?? YES!!

Having FUN can be an adventure!!!!!! I like having No plans!!!!Sometimes, we rarely have days where we don't know what we want to do for the day. I kind of like those days...NO plans..just kind of a lazy day.. We kind of had one of those days Saturday.... After many ??? of ''What do you want to do today??'', I told hubby I really did not care.. just did not want to stay home on a beautiful day.... We chose to ride toward  Chimney Rock... AND lake lure for the day...
We had such a fun time just walking through the town area, and exploring all the fun quaint shops... We had done this before, but it is always fun to do it again.. We had a fun lunch right on the little river, with a great view of the rock!! We went on a little trail walk, and then went to a cute little antique shop.. this was a little Heaven on Earth for me..... I loved looking at all the things, and they had all kinds of stuff I liked.. I even bought a few things I had been looking for, and some wonderful smelling candles....Mmmmmmm!!!!

We came by the Lake Lure and walked the trails there and even witnessed a beautiful wedding ceremony about to happen... It was fun to be nosy behind the bushes!!!!

 We were being nosy looking at this pretty wedding about to begin!!
 pretty view of the Lake
 LOVE  these
We had a fun filled day..and that was what I liked about it... NOT really knowing what we were going to get into..just as long as I was with my sweetie!!!

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