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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Priorities?? Where do YOU stand???

Mark 8: 36-37 KJV  For what shall it profit a man . If he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?


I tend to get my priorities out of order from time to time. I feel like I neglect my housework,ALOT, from time to time.. I can really tell it, when I go to the linen closet to get a towel for my shower, and there are just a few washcloths in there.. OR when I go to the sink, and there are dirty dishes in  there, that I said I would load in the dishwasher ''in a little bit''. but got off track, and some ''other priority'' took it's place.. That is when I have to regroup and prioritize what is more important??? clean clothes?? OR tv show?? clean dishes?? OR SHOPPING!!!!!!!! WOW!!! I LOVE TO SHOP!! hmmmmm???? lol.. In several areas in our lives, priorities have ''their place''....

A young Preacher/ College boy in our Church, preached a message a few weeks ago on, ''Standing in your Place.'' It was a wonderful, challenging message.. He said in his message there were 4 things we could conquer if we ''stood in our place''.. 1) faint- not getting tired, Remember strength?? It is made perfect in weakness. 2) fierce- don't be scared.. lean on THE EVERLASTING ARM. 3) fatigue- we will get tired, but keep on keeping on, and  4) fear- don't be afraid o show your faith. have FAITH in Him..

I think still, one of my favorite things to remember is JOY. JESUS, OTHERS, YOU..
IF you have them in this order, how could anything go wrong?? To get our priorities in order, I think we need to die to self DAILY!!! this is the true ''WILL OF GOD''..give each day  to HIM, for him to  use you..WHAT CAN YOU DO TO PLEASE HIM TODAY?? Don't ever think you can do anything by yourself.. YOU WILL FAIL!!  OBEY His Word, and live in the center of His will..This ought to make you STAND IN YOUR PLACE, more everyday..It is vital. Judges 7:21 And thy stood every man in his plac round about th camp: and all the host ran, and cried, and fled.
have you ever really thought about WHO is  expecting YOU to stand in YOUR PLACE?? wow, that is really something to think about!!! and very''humbling'' too, i might add... someone is watching you stand, and watching your actions when troubles come, and trials.. how YOU handle them??? 
this brings me to a conclusion... We need to get our priorities in line and order, and don't let the devil take ''OUR PLACE''..The Lord stood for us , why can we not stand for Him??  If we put our priorities in order, according to The Word of God, He will bless us, and we will have JOY, knowing we are ''Standing in our Place''!!

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